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Truck Crushes Lagos Driver To Death While He Was Under His Truck Checking Out A Fault

posted by Dawson at Friday, March 24, 2023 Comment | 0

A truck driver was crushed to death by his truck while he was under it to check for a fault, NairaLux Reports

According to report, the driver and his motor boy were in transit early on Thursday, March 23, when the truck developed a fault and broke down at the Marine Bridge area of Apapa, Lagos State.

Subsequently, the driver and his motor boy lifted the truck with a jack and the driver went underneath the vehicle to work on it.

However, the motor boy failed to place a C-Caution sign on the road and the broken down truck did not have its rear light on.

While the driver was carrying out repairs under the car, another truck driver rammed into the truck and it fell on the driver and crushed him to death.The motor boy ran away after the incident.

LASTMA officials attended the scene and handed over the two trucks with the corpse to the policemen at Area B Command at Apapa for further investigation.

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