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Governor-Elect Alex Otti Calls Peter Obi 'My President In Waiting'

posted by Dawson at Thursday, March 23, 2023 Comment | 0

The governor-elect of Abia state, Alex Otti has called the presidential candidate of his party (Labour Party), Peter Obi "My President In Waiting" when Obi congratulated him for winning the Abia state governorship election, NairaLux Reports

Peter Obi wrote on Twitter;

"A while ago, I spoke with my brother, Dr. Alex Otti @alexottiofr, the Governor-elect of Abia State and heartily congratulated him on his election. I am gratified that the will and wish freely expressed by the Abia electorates have been respected.

"I pray for God's guidance and protection for the incoming Governor of God's Own State. -PO"

Otti replied;

"Thank you very much for your kind words and prayers my President in waiting."

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